When is it time to grow your team?

The time is now!

By hiring somebody, if only for a couple of hours a week, is an investment in the growth of your business. Even though you are handling everything fine on your own right now, at one point you may want to grow or take vacation without bringing your work with you.

In all honesty, it is impossible to be great at everything in your business.

Also, I’m sure there are few things you don’t enjoy doing anyway.

Those are the things you can start getting help with!

The stuff you constantly dread doing and wish somebody else could do for you…

Yep, that is the stuff you don’t need to do, instead you can have somebody help you with it.

If you’re reading this and saying, “I can’t hire somebody right now!”, I hear you.

You don’t need to hire somebody full time, or even part time. There are plenty of people who would love to just get a few hours here and there, maybe they have multiple clients they are working a few hours for.

In other words, hiring somebody as soon as possible for just 2 hours a week, to do the little things you don’t love will relieve an incredible amount off your plate.

The “I can do it better myself” mentality will only take you so far. Even if it takes more time to teach them how to do it, remembering that hiring is an investment in your future, as well as your business, and the long-term success of both.

It is also good to train your mind not to think about everything you need to do on your own, as that can create a lot of stress and later build up to spreading yourself too thin. Rather, remembering to hand off tasks because things become too much will set you up for success.

Does hiring someone have to be costly?

Hiring somebody for just two hours doesn’t have to be expensive either. There are plenty of options and tools out there to help you find people either locally, domestically, or internationally.

By getting help with the stuff you don’t love for two hours a day or week means you will get two more hours to focus on the stuff you enjoy and are good at. 

Slowly but surely, you are working towards focusing on the stuff you do the best while letting others do what they are good at.

What are the things you dislike doing?

Business Highlight: Bosh Bosh

Educate. Empower. Inspire.

This is the mission that the NGO Bosh Bosh so proudly and elegantly executes by way of education, business, and fashion to provide their members with vocational training, access to extra-curricular educational opportunities, scholarships, and employment.

I first heard about Bosh Bosh in January of 2019, and instantly knew I wanted to collaborate with them forever.

The inception of Bosh Bosh began when Charlene Espinoza joined the Peace Corps in 2011. She served as an English teacher in rural Salala, Liberia, where she saw first-hand the challenges that women and girls face on a daily basis. This experience led her to deciding that she needed to start the nonprofit organization as a force to educate, empower, and inspire girls and women in the area; but she didn’t stop there.

Now, Bosh Bosh is an ethical fashion brand and nonprofit organization based in the United States that unites people from all over the world who believe that poverty can be alleviated by empowering women and girls through education and economic development. They use social enterprise as a way to create opportunities for Liberian and Mexican women and girls in education, livelihood creation, and vocational training.

Which reminds me a lot of Sir Richard Branson and what he has been able to accomplish with Virgin Unite. In his book “Screw Business as Usual”, he talks about the importance of empowering people with the skills they need to take their life into their own hands, and not always just handing out money. This is something we feel like Bosh Bosh has expertly accomplished. They want girls to take charge of their own futures and empower themselves, their communities, and in turn the world.

It’s like that old proverb that says “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Bosh Bosh has several programs and products, a few of them include:


Scholars is their program where they provide specific knowledge through seminars and workshops that deal with central issues such as: Health, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Life Skills and Female Rights. Bosh Bosh also helps to motivate and encourage their scholars (female students) to stay in school by offering them full school scholarships, advising and tutoring, which is important because over 62 million girls around the world are not in school.

But of course, they don’t stop there.

Production Team

Bosh Bosh’s Production Team is a team of survivors! Survivors of the civil war that ravaged Liberia from 1990-2003. Now they work to start a new life for themselves and their children in Salala. Through Bosh Bosh, they are not only learning the trade of sewing (traditionally a trade reserved for men in Liberia), but they have the opportunity to attend school for the first time in their lives.

Education Team

They also have an Education Team and what they call their Star Program, where they promote social entrepreneurship and community service.

Bosh Bosh is nothing less than exceptional, and I know I am grateful for and admire the hard work they are putting in in both Liberia and Mexico to improve the lives of women and girls.

If you are interested in supporting Bosh Bosh [like we also do!], you can check out their growing number of products that are sewn by their production team right here: http://boshbosh.org/products/lappa/

Or donate right here: http://boshbosh.org/donate/

We are so impressed with all Bosh Bosh has accomplished to empower, inspire and educate women and girls, and we are very proud to call them out as a monthly business highlight, truly making important moves and a greater impact.

The Value of Attitude + Perspective

I just came back from a trip to Ivory Coast, West Africa.

The whole trip was fantastic in so many ways. I truly believe it is a gift to experience other cultures as it challenges you to look at things from a different perspective. 

I mean, who says what you are doing is the right way of doing things?

Just because you have always done something one way does not mean you need to keep doing it that way.

A new perspective can bring a lot of gratitude to surface, especially when visiting a developing country.

If you stay in your “world”, oftentimes known as your comfort zone or bubble, you will limit your challenge of thinking differently.

However, you don’t need to travel across the world to alter your perspective, to challenge your comfortable way of thinking.

Let’s think about it, when is the last time you joined a group of people who are vastly different from you?

Or when was the last time you decided to give something new a chance?

For me, I felt majorly challenged in Ivory Coast.

In addition to a culture that was vastly different from mine (a combination of living in Sweden and the United States), the challenges expanded far beyond cultural differences.

I was immediately challenged by the terrible infrastructure issues, found myself eating foods that I would not normally consider eating (and probably wouldn’t have, if I knew what I was eating) in ways I would not choose how to eat the food.

I felt sad by the non-existent waste system and lack of cleanliness, stressed by the non-existing traffic rules and awful about the obvious signs of corruption, and felt feelings of guilt as I watched children play soccer on a dirt field without shoes.

I felt remorse as I watched so many people with very little opportunity live in poor conditions, and it was difficult to communicate with others whose culture and language I do not understand, all while being consistently sticky from mosquito spray.

Despite these challenges, my experience was absolutely incredible!

Because really, at the root of all experiences is your attitude.

Your attitude is formed by your willingness to accepting a challenge and how you decide to act.

It’s no secret we had issues, saw sadness, and ran into problems every single day, but if instead of looking at these obstacles as barriers, viewing these experiences as opportunities to learn, help, and grow allows the uncomfortable to become comfortable.

Just because something is difficult does not mean there is not beauty in it.

It was fascinating to see how people used their creativity to make money and how they moved through traffic with the unspoken rules of honk and go as you please. Rather than questioning these unorganized traffic rules, I learned this was their way of working together to get through life.

Although many things in life are out of our control, how we choose to see and interact with the world, our perspective and attitude, are the largest impacts on how we experience life.

I met amazing, warm, and hard-working people, saw incredibly beautiful nature, was blown away by colors and designs, ate fantastic food, became excellent at maneuvering in a chaotic city, and developed a newfound patience and appreciation for rules and opportunities.

Most importantly, Africa reminded me of the value of perspective and attitude.

The Importance of Consistent Branding

Have you ever walked into a hotel room expecting something magnificent, just like the picture you had seen online, but it looks nothing like it?

Well, it is false advertising, but it is also inconsistent branding.

When done well, branding makes the user feel a certain way throughout the entire experience.

Let’s use the hotel example.

When you look up the hotel online, when you call to reserve a room, the way you get welcomed when you arrive, the quality of bedlinen, pen, shampoo, towel, etc., it should all give the same level or type of experience.

If you are at a luxury hotel you might expect things like light and airy surroundings, beautiful flowers in the entrance, magnificent art, a high celling, a glass of champagne handed to you by a gentleman with white gloves at your arrival, the best linens and fluffy white robe, a leather-bound menu with a golden logo embossed.

At every interaction with the hotel, you have an exceptional experience.

If you’re at a motel, you might expect something very different, and it’s different at every touch point too, from arriving and no one greeting you, no fresh flowers, no high ceilings, darker rooms, so-so beds, and a laminated menu. Although not as luxurious, it is the same level of experience in every interaction.

This is consistent branding, consistently impressing or not.

We as humans like to put things in boxes.

Yes, even you…

We are masters at jumping to conclusions based on our previous experiences.

It’s one of those things that is human nature, we try to interpret our experiences as soon as we interact with them. If we don’t know how to receive them, we simply “push” the experience into a box of something similar that it reminds us of so our brain can take it in and spit out a translation of how we should feel or react.

That’s why first impressions are important.

To keep that impression throughout the experience, is however just as important.

Consistency through all touch points on how you do things will reiterate who you are, what you believe in, and how you serve.  Again, our brains are trying to find the shortest/easiest route (which is both a blessing and a curse).

Make sure that initial impression is what you wanted to give and create that experience by consistently showing up. Before you know it, you are in the user’s mind as the best/most/healthiest/cheapest etc.  _______ in town.

This is also why it is important to start with defining your brand first, so you know in what way and style you want interact with your user/customer before you start creating all touch points from logo, marketing material, interior, exterior etc.

Is there any touchpoint you just can’t get around to matching the rest?