Business Highlight: WealthBuilders

Last Month I started a Business Highlight segment

In that segment, I talked about a business that I thought deserved recognition for all of the hard work they are doing to make a greater impact on the world. 

This month, I am doing that again, but I am talking about a company that is also a client. Not only do I want these highlights to be about the businesses themselves and what makes them stand out in their respective industries, but I’m excited to feature a few clients who I have professionally gotten to know and personally love the way they interact and do business. 

I’m proud to announce that the second business highlight and first featured client is WealthBuilders, founded by Eric Rodriguez CFP®️.

Eric founded WealthBuilders to help high-earning sales professionals and business owners build their wealth. He realized that these professionals have a lot to juggle when it comes to building their careers, and wealth building shouldn’t be another thing on their plates. But the thing that stands out to me the most about Eric and what he has done in his business is why he wanted to help these individuals to begin with. 

Eric grew up in a family where their financial well-being was not constant. It caused a lot of pain for them, as it does for many families. Even after he went to college and graduated, he spent more money than he made, and struggled greatly. However, after he had a friend introduce him to the financial industry, Eric decided to turn his financial story around and ultimately used his experience to become the successful Certified Financial Planner he is today. 

Since working with WealthBuilders, I am pleased to say this is a businessman that is true to his word and works hard to help his clients succeed. That being said, another reason I admire WealthBuilders is because Eric doesn’t stop at just helping his clients. 

He is all about building wealth, it’s true. But even more so he cares about and is dedicated to sharing wealth and paying success forward.

In the philanthropic side of Eric’s business, his efforts are focused on decreasing the racial wealth gap in America by promoting wealth equality. A few of the ways he is doing this is by 

  1. Working intentionally with organizations that have a history of success promoting wealth equality, especially organizations that are run by people of color
  2. Working with organizations that are focused on the well-being of black and brown communities
  3. Mentoring black and Latinx aspiring financial planners 

Needless to say, getting to work with Eric on his brand + site project was an absolute TREAT! Not only was he a pleasure to work with himself, but getting to wrap up all of the goodness he has to offer into a minimal, professional and clean brand made my aesthetic insides beyond delighted.

As his brand development consultant and strategist, we provided visual identity pieces such as logo variations, fonts and colors, website development and WordPress design services, as well as other collateral pieces such as his lead magnet, sales deck and proposal.

If you would like to find more out about WealthBuilders, you can check out their website, and if you’d like to support his philanthropic efforts of making progress on the racial wealth gap, by drive awareness to promote wealth equality in America, he also has a T-shirt for sale that says “Normalize Black & Brown Wealth”, in which all of the proceeds go directly to various non-profits doing the work to help normalize black & brown wealth.

I hope this article inspires you to make moves and make a greater impact with your business.

How to Launch a Brand like a Brand Strategy Consultant

There are two categories here:

Either you are launching for the first time or you are re-launching (meaning you have just updated your old brand and it’s time to pull back the curtain to reveal, and show off, your brand-new outfit).

The way you go about each is slightly different. I’ll go through both of them.

Category 1: You are new to the online world.

You have finally put it all together and ready for the big announcement… #exciety. Yes, it’s stinking exciting, but of course there is some anxiety that comes with it. No way around that.  

Stepping out on stage for the first time is a big deal. But it’s also the first time. So, although you can prepare as much as possible, it’s okay if things don’t go exactly the way you envisioned they’d go. The best thing about stepping out into the world as a new online business owner is that your audience is most likely quite small. And although that can sound like a not-so-good thing, it’s honestly a blessing in disguise. When your audience is small, not a lot of people will know about the mishaps…and there will be some. [Nobody comes out of the womb being a marathon runner, no one.] But on the other hand, you can give way more attention to each person who is on the ride with you.

With that established, let’s embrace the #excitety and get to it!

Creating and developing a brand is about being clear about who you are talking to, where you want to go and how and why you do what you do. With this clarity, you want to give the same experience on every touchpoint. This is means, anywhere your client interacts with you and your business, it should feel the same.

Here is a list of places (and touch points) for your brand:

  • Social media platforms, banners and profile images, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Any kind of accounts associated with your company, such as eMoney, Ameritrade, etc.
  • Email signature
  • Note cards sent to potential new clients to let them know you are open for business

Now, flip the switch on your website! Remove your Coming Soon mode on your new site, so people can see it.

That’s really it. I would not make it into anything bigger than that, because the fact that you are doing this is, on its own, amazing! It’s a big leap. And, what really needs to happen now is you need to celebrate you. Staring your own business is big so before you rush into work, take a little time to celebrate. You did it!

Category 2: You have been in business for a while and you are leveling up your game.

I don’t know what year you are on, but did you know that only half of small businesses survive passed the five-year mark and beyond that, only about one in three small businesses get to the 10-year mark. Wherever you are on that spectrum, fantastic! It’s not easy, but you are doing it anyway! And you are not only doing it, but you are also leveling up. Beyond neat!


How do you launch a “facelift”?


First, plan for the date you are making the switch.  Then from there, reverse-engineer what you need to do and when.  The amount of time would depend on how you want to announce your new brand.  I would take the opportunity to be really loud, in a good way of course. 😉

You can think of it like a movie actor announcing a new movie. You know how they go around and speak about their new movie to drum up excitement…I would recommend you do the same.

Here are some suggestions:

After you’ve set the date for your new brand to go live, let your current clients know about your facelift.  You want them to feel special and apart of this, because they are. They have possibly supported you from the start and they should get royal treatment. Let them know why you are updating your brand, what difference they might see in the future working with you and or even send them some goodies with your new look.

There has been a lot of work put into creating your new brand and website, and now it’s time to scream on top of your lungs how exciting it is to announce it to the world. Here are some steps to take during your relaunch:

  • It is a perfect opportunity to offer your audience something to help celebrate your relaunch. Consider a giveaway of sorts, such as a free consultation, a discount on one of your offerings, etc.
  • Gather all assets and make sure everything for your offering and announcement is set up properly.
  • Reach out to other blogs or podcasts that have similar audiences to you in which you feel you can bring additional value to their audience.
  • Give a sneak peak in advanced to get your audience excited.
  • If you want to take it a step further, perhaps buy advertising and take the opportunity to reach more people.
  • Before the big day, make sure to update all touchpoints, including social media platforms, banners and profile images, email signatures, logos on accounts that are associated with your company, etc.

And that is it!! Super exciting. Done is better than perfect.

I hope this gives you clarity on how to launch your brand like a brand strategy consultant, no matter your stage of business.

Basic SEO Marketing to Get You Going

If you ask me, it’s very important how a website looks!

But looks aren’t everything. 

As with all design elements, it needs to have both form and function.

One aspect of the function [yes, there are multiple] of a website is Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. As the name indicates, SEO helps with visibility of websites on search engines.  If you want a more detailed explanation have a read here.

As you most likely know, well-done SEO will help you get to the top of the search engines, such as Google, for free. You might also know that you can pay for ad space and your site will be put at the top or on the right side of the page.

But did you know that there are, on average, 3.8 million searches per minute on Google!?  That’s a lot of searching going on in the world. If your business got searched, let’s say, .01% out of all those searches, I think your business would be doing pretty well! 😉


With that said, I thought I would give some basic guidance on how search engines rank sites.

If you have…

  • high-quality, relevant information for a specific topic that uses the most optimal, searchable keywords…
  • other websites linking to your website… [Keep in mind, it’s important who you are linked to. You will up your game if you are linked to other trusted sites that get frequent traffic vs a site that rarely gets views.]
  • a lot of people clicking on your site…
  • a fast-loading site…
  • unique content… [I know, it’s convenient to get fed content from other resources, but when it’s original, it’s much more valuable for the search engine optimization.]
  • your brand or domain name mentioned frequently in other places…
  • high social metrics… [Facebook shares, LinkedIn mentions, Tweets, etc.]


…then search engines will love you and it’s more likely your site will populate at the top of the list when someone does a search relevant to what you offer.

What do you optimize for?

Before you take steps to get higher rankings, you first need to figure out who you are optimizing for [your audience] and what your audience is searching for [frequent keywords used]. That takes a little “brand” soul searching, but there are plenty of tools like Google’s own keyword tool that can help you figure out what that is.

You will then look at search volume, relevance, and competition to find which keywords or phrases will be the most useful for you. 

How to optimize?

When you have your list of keywords or phrases, it’s time to optimize your site. There are a plethora of ways you can do that!  Below are some of the top ones. But keep in mind, it’s constantly changing. [They just can’t make it easy for us can they.]

  • Title of your website
  • Meta description
  • Alt tags
  • URL name
  • Target keywords on your pages: Placing them higher up on the page is better.
    For example, a keyword in a title is more useful than if it’s buried within the body of your copy. But, either way, get those keywords placed on your page!
  • Built to share: if you give your audience an easy way to share your articles, your social metrics go up.
  • Engagement: whether on your site or on social media, engaging your audience is good.
  • User Experience: such as speed; a clean, visually appealing site; and simple navigation.
  • Local SEO: within a smaller market vs a larger market, broad terms (such as shoes) can produce effective results.
  • Hyperlinked text: when you link to another location, make sure to include keywords.
  • Content creation and promotion: remember, original content is best!
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Redirects: I do not recommend moving or changing your URL, but if necessary, make sure it’s done properly. Broken links can impact you poorly.
  • Duplicating content: this is never good. It dilutes link equity between pages (yes confusing, but in general, search engines will penalize you for duplicating sections of content.
  • Submit your xml sitemap: Share your sitemap with search engines so that spiders crawl your site and pick up your information more quickly.
  • Organic SEO: these organic optimization efforts are valued higher than paid advertising.
  • SSL certificate: this used to be just for eCommerce. Not anymore. All sites need to have it and it’s valued high for Google.
  • Back links: reach out to people who might be interested in linking to your articles.
  • SEO plugins: for example, Yoast SEO is free and an excellent tool.

This is a long list and there are even more ways to optimize, but hopefully this will give you a place to start. I know we all have limited time, but if you start with chipping away on this list, I’m most certain you will start seeing your site get higher up in the ranks. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and if this seems just straight up overwhelming, we can of course help do it for you.