It's time to make a greater impact.

I help small business owners define their niche and build their visual foundation to grow their business

Straight talk: I clarify your message, audience + hand-craft your logo, website, collateral, content, etc.

How it's done

I simply ask the right questions and listen in order to create a strategy and brand to change the game for financial advisors, lawyers, consultants, coaches and lifestyle brands. Together we'll create a brand experience that connects, converts customers and sets you apart.

Form blended w/ function

Brand + Site Build

Have your brand completely built for you. Take your business to the next level, reach more people, and make a bigger impact. This experience will help entrepreneurs visually and strategically [re]brand themselves.

Brand Review

Looking for guidance with your current website or business?  There are so many things that need to be in place to have a well functioning site and run a successful business; it’s hard not to get paralyzed in it all.  Get clarity and action steps on what to do next.

[K] as in Karin

What you didn't know

The creative process has always fascinated me: how colors can stir emotions, how space can create different experiences and how you can solve problems with design.  I started my career by creating things that looked good but then developed an understanding that design can do so much more. With my obsession for human behavior and business, it all unfolded perfectly into a brand design agency, where all those pieces came into place.

Action create motion

I lead a twice-a-week walking group for driven professionals interested in physical activity and business growth. My goal is to spark energy, creativity and productivity in your lives and businesses.

At Make a Move, we push and inspire one another. We also do squats, climb stairs, and laugh our butts off. We believe laughing strengthens your core.

w/ Greater Impact

Your customers are out there just waiting to find you. Marrying clarity and form blend with function will make your business stand out.