Your logo is often the first impression a client or customer has of your brand. Let’s dig deeper to get your visions and goals clear.

Together, we can create a visual identity that speaks to the right clientele and gives a powerful and accurate first impression that lasts, as well as a foundation you can build on.

The process of developing your visual identity begins with a comprehensive questionnaire to find out your vision, goals, company values and more. Based on that I will create an inspiration board with colors and styles that visually depict what you want to say. From there, I will research competitors and your field and dive into the bliss of creativity.

I’m passionate about color, style, design, business strategy and using those skills to help others succeed. I work with passion-powered entrepreneurs who are invested in taking their business to the next level.
I design brand identities that attract your perfect client, tell your story and make sure it gives the perception you want your audience to experience when they interact with your products or services.

A logo and brand that express exactly who you are, what you do and what you stand for will immediately connect you and your audience.

Having a logo and brand that expresses exactly who you are, what you do and what you stand for, will connect you with your audience.



“I’d like to spend some time defining and understanding my ideal client, reviewing competitor strategies, and unpacking my company’s core beliefs, then I’ll build a brand around it.”


“I not only want help identifying my ideal customers, understanding competitor’s strategies and defining my company’s beliefs, but I’d also want to transfer what we have made to business cards and be ready to launch on social media as well.”


  • Homework: Comprehensive Workbook for your brand, values, goals and client experience + Collect Inspirational images.
  • Business vision session: To dig deeper and get clear on your target market, goals, competitors, brands you like, don’t like and any other details to make sure we develop a brand that truly reflects you and your business.
  • Research – I will review your visions and goals, research what else is out there and make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Inspirational board based on your homework, our discussion and my research.
  • One sheet of 3-5 logo options. After you have picked one option, you get up to 2 revisions.
  • Logo + Logo variation + sub mark (Color & Singe color)
  • Web & print-ready files (formats: EPS, PDF, JPEG High and Low resolution, PNG)
  • Font selection & font files for future use.
  • Brand style board: Your new fonts and colors put together in one file, so you can maintain your brand in the future!

When the logo is done I will zip a folder with all your goodies and from then on, you will own the designs.

Investment: $1195  


Everything included in the Logo & Brand, Plus:

  • One sheet of 3-5 business cards options. After you have picked one option, you get up to 2 revisions.
  • Business card design and print ready files.
  • Email signature.
  • 1 Favicon (the little icon associated with a URL, seen next to the browser’s address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list.)
  • Facebook & Twitter cover and profile photos.

When the logo and collateral pieces are done, I will zip a folder with all your goodies and from then on, you will own the designs.

Investment: $1495  



Working with Karin to create my logo, website and brand recognition was the smartest thing I’ve done so far in setting myself up for success. As an artist, it’s hard to let someone else have control over creativity but I learned pretty quickly that Karin is extremely creative at what she does and I am computer illiterate, so my choice was to trust someone who came highly recommended by a friend I love and respect. I am so happy and pleased that I did. I love my website, my logo, the experience of working with Karin and look forward to what’s next.

Janice Scherer

Artist & Painter, Stripy Arms

This was a great experience. After getting a number of quotes from different designers, I feel very lucky to have found Karin. The price value ratio is amazing an she takes the time to get to a product that you actually love. Thank you!

Inga Chira Ph.D., CFP®

Financial adviser, Attainable Wealth